The Cornerstone of Ingenuity Is Built Here

Seagate HDDs, SSDs and data storage systems are purpose-built for enterprise and data center performance, scalability, reliability and security.


Enterprise HDDs Are Optimized for TCO

The de facto standard in high-capacity and high-performance solutions

Seagate Enterprise HDDs are purpose-built for a multitude of applications, workloads and storage tiers to maximize your storage efficiency. The largest portfolio of HDDs means you can choose from the highest capacity possible, and from a selection that meets your overall business performance capacities.



SSDs Are Driving Performance to New Levels

Improve speed, density and TCO in data centers

Flash-based storage with blazingly fast performance, lower latency and reduced power consumption is changing how storage is architected. Seagate offers one of the broadest SSD and flash portfolios on the market to meet a wide array of enterprise storage needs.



Systems Built for HPC, Big Data and Analytics

Plan, deploy and sustain maximum application performance

Built on a legacy to extend innovation from the device into the information infrastructure, onsite and in the cloud, Seagate offers the fastest and most reliable data system solutions available giving enterprises and businesses a competitive advantage.